My new single is released!

I’m on Spotify! Yay! It seems like a very long time since I started this project but finally the day [...]

Filming the video of Trance

Much of the video was filmed underwater in a swimming pool in Hingham, owned by my ex-neighbour Andrew. Many people [...]

Inspiration for making the Trance video

I produced this video originally to inspire the kids at my school (Great Yarmouth Charter Academy) to write music. They’re [...]

Trance Video is released on YouTube!

At last! My new video is uploaded on YouTube. Please like, share, subscribe, tell all your friends about it! The [...]

“Captain Corelli” swaps mandolin for guitar

International best-selling author Louis de Bernières has swapped words for music in a new collaboration with a Norfolk singer. The [...]

Concert at the Chapel, Norwich with Louis is a success

I joined Louis de Bernières last night on violin and backing vocals, to introduce his first album to a healthy [...]

Forthcoming Tour

Author Louis de Bernières and I are looking to organise a mini tour next summer to publicise my forthcoming EP [...]