Filming the video of Trance

Category: News

Much of the video was filmed underwater in a swimming pool in Hingham, owned by my ex-neighbour Andrew. Many people have asked whether I was actually underwater? Yes! There’s no computer generation here. I had to hold a weight to keep me from bobbing up to the surface, the material kept catching around my feet so I worried a few times I might drown! And although my make-up and glitter was hair-sprayed on it was still running down my face and scorched my eyes so bad we had to abandon early. Not quite as glamorous as it looks!

I’m quite amazed that my producer, Donovan Jones, made me appear to be in Ketteringham Hall’s lake! We tried time and again to get frames of me ‘entering the lake’ but the sides were either too muddy, full of brambles or steep. At one point I had to borrow Don’s trainers as I couldn’t stay upright on the bank wearing heels. Good job the dress was long!

I particularly loved the atmosphere and grandeur of Ketteringham Hall’s original staircase and forested grounds. The lake scenes reminded me of the painting “Death of Ophelia” by Millais and the staircase scenes made me feel as though I was in a BBC period drama! I felt very privileged to use the Hall as the location.

Hope you enjoy the video!