Concert at the Chapel, Norwich with Louis is a success

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I joined Louis de Bernières last night on violin and backing vocals, to introduce his first album to a healthy audience. The favourite song was ‘Put out the light’ from his first album.

Louis said “Last night was great, and I do think there were some beautiful moments”.

I am always asked how Louis de Bernières and I met. It was one of those fluke encounters that you wonder afterwards if it was an act of God! We were both watching our daughters train at the Norfolk Academy of Gymnastics. Somehow we both got talking (we are both fairly outspoken!). As it turned out, Louis needed a violinist/backing singer for his second album (which I have now recorded) and I needed a guitarist, so despite a full-time job we manage to meet up, play and record together.

Louis said “Selina is a delight to work with. She has contributed an enormous amount to my recordings with her voice and violin and I am glad to have contributed a little to hers too”.