Music is something that you live, not something you choose. It is instinctive. I sometimes wonder if the songs have already been written and it’s just a matter of listening really closely and piecing together the puzzle. When you’ve finished the song nothing comes close. It’s exhilarating and makes you feel like you’ve achieved the thing you were put on this earth to do. Yes, there is music theory and I studied hard – first at the Junior Royal Academy of Music then at Birmingham University studying music. Singing and song-writing are a perfect mixture of theory, emotion and intuition.

I released my first pop/blues EP last year as a music artist, the trained for a year with The Songwriting Academy, collaborating with producers and writers from my course in a range of genres. I find it hard to stick to one genre, and I’m not sure that creative beings are meant to be narrowed in this way, I like to let the song lead me. I have now settled down with a producer in Italy and another in Austria.

I am a Christian, a happily married one with children who also seem to be musical. I am a vegetarian and I think we should do good where we can. I am financing and developing a school for orphans in Uganda and I give back to the next generation through teaching at a High School. I also love to go to the gym! People ask me where I find the time? No idea, but its all very enjoyable!


Latest News

My new single is released!

I’m on Spotify! Yay! It seems like a very long time since I started this project but finally the day [...]

Filming the video of Trance

Much of the video was filmed underwater in a swimming pool in Hingham, owned by my ex-neighbour Andrew. Many people [...]

Inspiration for making the Trance video

I produced this video originally to inspire the kids at my school (Great Yarmouth Charter Academy) to write music. They’re [...]

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